Drone video of warehouse

Chicago Drone Video Production

The next greatest thing in video is here and it’s called a drone. Equipped with a 4K camera, with the resolution of film, our drone takes stunning shots of both the inside and outside of your business or real estate property, takes dramatic footage of your event, and otherwise dazzles the people watching your video!

Marketing Videos

The first few seconds of any video are most important time to catch people’s attention. And there’s nothing like drone video to do the trick! Imagine your marketing video opening with a view of the sky, then sweeping down to reveal your building, then appearing to fly through the building into your business and giving viewers a visual tour? Think that would catch the viewer’s imagination and keep their attention?

Chicagoland Drone Video Production

Real Estate Sales

Drones are a boon to real estate agents looking for that dramatic shot to not only catch the viewer’s imagination but to show prospective buyers what the property actually looks like from an entirely different perspective. A drone allows viewers to see the neighborhood as well as the property in just a few seconds and from a unique vantage point.


Whether you’re hosting a concert, corporate event or other gatherings, our drone will capture the moments from a totally unique perspective. Give your viewing audience a bird’s eye view of your next event. Whether your event is exciting, relaxed or something in between, our drone video will add a dynamic element to enhance your audience’s viewing experience.

Don’t settle for the same old pans, tilts, and zooms in your video production. Not when Video One can obtain 360-degree shots, shots from above, sweeping shots and other eye-catchers! Call us so that you can benefit from this affordable solution. Our drone technology will allow you to differentiate your product or service from the pack by having a truly unique and exciting video.

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